The short clip below was created for Liebling, a german company which manufactures clothing made for hiking, tramping or traveling in general. The footage was taken by YEAH, which is where i completed my internship semester in winter of 2019.

The software used is Adobe Premiere Pro and/or Adobe After Effects.
The following trailer is actually the first edit i ever created. It was done for Roy Bianco & Die Abbrunzati Boys, a german band. The intention was to promote their upcoming tour through Germany in late 2019.
When i was at YEAH, we were part of the Konzert Junger Talente and provided visuals to go alongside live performances. The following montage highlights those visuals.
Another teaser for the band. This time for the upcoming single, Maranello. The format is 9:16 because it was used as an Instagram-Story.

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